S.S. 451


Hi. I'm SS451. Now I bet you're all wondering, "what does, SS451 stand for?" Well, It's the acronym for my Youtube channel. Here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/user/sonicspin451#p/a      The videos section will obviously be completely empty since I am able to post new videos on Youtube.

There isn't much right now. There is mostly Sonic stuff and all that @#$%. But there will be more that I will soon upload. So just wait and see. Leave a comment or two by the way. So, where were we?... Oh yeah!

Eventually, if I see any cool articles, a link will be posted in the "News" section along with my summary of the article and commentary. A good way to get you guys and I up to date!

So, I hope you guys enjoy what you will see in this site.


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